3 Business SEO Best Practices in 2021

SEO best practices are always changing as those who program search engine algorithms continue to make adjustments. Your business must keep up with these shifts by leveraging the knowledge and talents of SEO specialists.

That said, while hiring experts to improve and maintain your SEO strategy is a very wise idea, it’s also important that you understand the essentials of SEO best practices yourself. You don’t need to possess the same degree of expertise as an SEO specialist, but you should generally understand how recent shifts and developments in SEO best practices may apply to your overall strategy.

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Consider the following examples. They’re among the most noteworthy SEO best practices to be aware of in 2021.

Optimize for Mobile

Research indicates mobile browsing has finally overtaken desktop browsing as the most popular means of navigating the Internet. Past trends indicate mobile browsing is likely to continue growing in popularity in the coming years.

Your business’ website must therefore be formatted so that users can easily read through it on a small mobile screen. Additionally, your website must load efficiently on a mobile device. According to Google, if a mobile website takes longer than three seconds to load, most users will click away from it.

Include Dates in Page and Content Titles

It’s long been known that, when it makes sense to do so, formatting a piece of content as a listicle can improve the chances of its page attracting clicks, if you also include a number in the title to indicate the content is a listicle. Users are often more inclined to read a piece of content when they have a basic sense of how it will be organized and how many tips/hacks/points the content will offer.

SEO researchers have recently found that including dates in a title can have a similar effect. This is particularly true if the date when a piece of content was published is directly relevant to the information it offers. For example, a user searching for the top fitness apps available in the App Store will want to know the list they’re reading is up-to-date. The title of an article on this subject could entice readers by letting them know that’s the case.

Just remember, this tip is only effective when it’s applied naturally. Don’t include dates in titles merely for the sake of doing so. Include dates when you have a genuine reason to.

Update Your Best Content

Applying this tip can be among the most effective ways to attract more readers and users to your business’ content without investing more time or money than you can currently afford.

Perform a content audit to identify your best-performing content from past years. Once you have a list of the pieces of content that yielded the strongest results, identify any pieces of content on your list that have waned in popularity over the years, and determine if there are any ways you can quickly update them to be more relevant today. Make these updates, relaunch your content, and monitor whether its popularity rises again. Odds are good it will (if you made genuinely valuable updates).

Again, just remember that none of these tips are a substitute for working with professionals when developing and enhancing an SEO strategy. It’s still best to coordinate with specialists. However, as a business owner, staying on top of new SEO best practices should nevertheless remain one of your top priorities.

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