5 Essential Calendar Design Tips

There are many reasons you may wish to design a calendar one day. Naturally, you could design a calendar with the intention of selling it. However, even if you don’t have any plans to monetize your work, a personalized calendar can still make a great gift.

You simply need to understand certain essential calendar design best practices when you first start planning one. They include the following:

calendar design tips

1. Choose a Theme

The most effective and memorable calendars tend to have a consistent theme. Some themes are simple, such as “cute cats.” Others are broader. For example, your calendar’s theme could be “pictures of Italy.”

The main point to keep in mind is that your calendar needs to be based around a single subject. Whatever that subject may be is entirely up to you.

2. Choose Impressive Images

You want your calendar to make the right impression on anyone who buys it or receives it as a gift. Thus, the images it features should be high-quality.

Don’t worry if you’re not a talented photographer yourself. Websites such as Unsplash allow users to download strong pictures from experienced photographers for free. You can also use a graphic design tool such as Canva to design your calendar without spending a dime.

3. Consider a Color Scheme

This is one tip that’s not universally applicable. Not all calendars necessarily need color schemes.

However, strong calendars often do feature consistent color choices. This is particularly true if their themes tend to be associated with certain colors.

For example, maybe you’re a fan of horror literature or “spookiness” in general. You might want to design a calendar that reflects your interest in these subjects. If so, the calendar’s color scheme might feature dark colors.

Choosing a color scheme is also very important if you’re designing a calendar to promote a business. You want to ensure your calendar’s color scheme reminds a customer of your brand.

4. Allow for Some Blank Space

A calendar doesn’t need to be completely filled in with imagery. In fact, it usually shouldn’t. A calendar that has no blank space can look cluttered. It can also prevent someone from using the calendar for practical purposes, such as writing down appointment or birthday reminders on relevant dates.

It can be somewhat challenging to strike the necessary balance between including dynamic images while also including sufficient blank space in a calendar. However, it’s best to simply trust your own intuition when determining whether a calendar does or doesn’t have the proper amount of blank space. If it feels too cluttered or too empty, even if you can’t explain precisely why, it probably is.

5. Choose the Right Typography

The ideal typography for one calendar may not necessarily be the right choice for another. Your calendar’s typography should be a reflection of its overall theme. To return to a previous example, if your calendar’s theme is “horror,” its typography should be the type you might find on a Halloween decoration. Finally, choose a quality printing service when your calendar has been fully designed. You spent a lot of time on and devoted a lot of effort to this project. Do your calendar justice by ensuring the printed version is impressive.

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