6 Reasons to Live in Thailand

Thailand is an extremely popular tourist destination, with over 30 million people visiting the country each year. As well as tourists, Thailand is also a very popular place to live, with many people choosing to relocate there.

So, why are so many people choosing to live and work in Thailand? Here are six of the main reasons.

Thailand living

The Scenery is Stunning

Thailand is famous all over the world for its gorgeous natural scenery. From lush green forests and national parks to sun-drenched golden beaches with crystal blue waters, there is a strong argument for the country being one of the most beautiful on the planet. As well as the naturally diverse mainland, islands like Ko Lanta and Ko Pha Ngan are tropical paradises.

There Are Plenty of Work Opportunities

Many entrepreneurs and traveling freelancers—known as “digital nomads”—choose Thailand for its many business opportunities. The tech and business sectors are thriving and welcoming to anyone with a laptop and a desire to make connections! It is not just the job market that has plenty of opportunities—there are also many excellent schools in Thailand if you are looking to raise a family there.

The Cost of Living is Low

Part of the reason that Thailand is such a popular destination for people starting new business ventures is that the living costs (including rents, groceries, and utilities) are comparatively low to other developed countries. This means that you don’t have to be earning a large income in order to thrive in Thailand.

The Food is Delicious

You have probably had a Thai curry or been to a Thai restaurant at some point—if so, you know how tasty Thai cuisine is. Most cuisines are even better in their countries of origin, and Thai food is no exception to this rule. Thailand is especially well-known for high-quality street food at very low prices.

The Culture is Welcoming

Ultimately, what really makes a location is the people who live there. Thankfully, Thai people are famously friendly and welcoming, which is a large part of how the country has become somewhat of an essential destination for backpackers and emigrants alike.

The Festivals Are Exciting

As well as stability in work opportunities, good schools, and low living costs, Thailand also has plenty of excitement to offer. If you enjoy parties and nightlife, there is lots to excite you in Thailand. As well as the famous nightlife in the capital city of Bangkok, there are also frequent major festivals happening all over the country, many of which can be visited for free. The famous Full Moon and Half Moon beach parties are a huge draw for thrill-seeking travelers, and there are also plenty of more family-friendly events happening too.

Of course, moving to a new country is a huge decision and not one to be made lightly. If you are not sure about making the leap to living in Thailand, why not try it out for a few months or so? Some travel visas enable tourists to stay for several weeks, so why not dip your toe in the blue waters and see how you like it?

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